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acceleratE your randomized workloads with Quside’s new RPUs

Quside unveils the world’s first RPUs

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Our QRNGs let innovators build advanced solutions for cybersecurity and computation

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We deliver entropy at scale.

Privacy and cybersecurity are foundational in today’s societies. How is data kept safe and private in a rapidly evolving technology landscape?

Learn more about the world transition to quantum-safe cybersecurity and how randomness plays a key role.

Efficient computation is essential to solve and digest increasingly complex tasks and workload-optimized hardware is needed to address today needs.

Learn more about hardware acceleration of randomized workloads and how random numbers are utilized.

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Offering this key quantum-generated resource is a significant advantage for both our internal and external customers. It is especially important for our enterprise customers with demands for high quality and high-performance random numbers, who will benefit from this unique feature.

Hugo de los Santos, Director of Products and Services at Telefónica Cyber & Cloud Tech
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This is a native quantum technology-based infrastructure that CESGA deploys for the Galician and European innovation community. We are convinced that it will make technical and scientific research more efficient and that it will be a valuable aid for the development of new, reliable and trustworthy products and services.

Andrés Gómez, CESGA ́s Applications & Project Manager

Quside’s FMC 400 is the only high-rate, quantum randomness solution suitable for cryptographic key generation, the raw material at the very foundation of modern cryptography. Cybersecurity in the quantum computing age depends on the scalability of this essential technology – all others are scientifically dubious.

Denis Mandich, CTO at Qrypt
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Fortinet secures the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world by empowering its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface.



  • ETHZ

    For the first time, the ETHZ experiment was able to perform this kind of experiment with superconducting quantum bits, the basis for today’s most advanced quantum computers. The results show “spooky action at a distance,” in which objects in different places behave as if they were a single system. Read the full experiment!

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    The first Quside Showcase Day addressed key industry trends and challenges in the transition to quantum-attack resistant cryptography and hardware acceleration of complex computations. The partner event hosted more than 40 industry companies and 15 speakers from industry-leading companies including: EY, Telefónica, Juniper, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Qrypt or LuxQuanta.

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    The European project QUDICE has been launched to develop components and subsystems for ultra-secure space-based quantum communication.

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