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2023 in review at Quside

20 de diciembre de 2023

2023 has been an eventful journey for Quside. Despite a challenging market in 2023, we have made significant strides, and we are thrilled by our progress so far and prospects for 2024!

Commercially, we’ve doubled our customer base, grown our space and defence footprint, and seen the market accelerate towards adoption of quantum-safe technologies. We’ve established new channels, such as Altech in Japan, powered new quantum-safe systems, including Quantropi, MO Space and QTI, validated by our customers and continued innovating with incredible partners as Qrypt, Luxquanta and EY.

On the technology side, we launched the One Series, the first product powered by our QN 100 quantum entropy chipset. A game changer for us in scalability whilst enhancing speed and reducing size! We’ve also made the RPU available on the AWS Marketplace and kicked off the NIST certification process for our chips.

With all these accomplishments, Quside has now fully transitioned into commercialization mode. We are ready to help our current and prospective clients build the strongest randomness foundation for stronger security and more efficient computation.

Here’s a list of some of our top memories for 2023:

EuroQCI Program

The European Commission made a strong move with the EuroQCI program, and Quside is part of the Quarter consortium. More about the full project here.

MWC 2023 in Barcelona

Mobile Word Congress 2023 was undeniably the most intense so far. We saw a ~300% increase in qualified leads compared to previous years and enjoyed the innovation and focus of the event. Read the top 4 highlights here.

RSAC 2023 in San Francisco

We were at the RSA Conference, the largest conference in the cybersecurity industry, where we had the opportunity to exchange ideas, share success stories, and show how Quside can help businesses with the ultimate Quantum-safe cybersecurity solutions.

Quside Showcase Day

The Quside Showcase Day took place in Barcelona, our first partner’s event. It was an important day for Quside, marking the consolidation of our commercialization phase. Read the full press release here.

Serie A round announcement

We announced the extension of the Series A round and exceeded 10 million Euros in funding. The Catalan Institute of Finance (ICF) as well as other business angels joined the funding round that exceeded 10 million Euros and was led by Trumpf Ventures and Bullnet Capital. Demium Capital and TechVision Capital, among others, also participated in the round. Read the full press release here.

Quside’s new brand identity

For our brand-new commercialization layer, we have made a big effort to refine our value proposition and redefine our messaging, launching a new brand identity. Our new logo represents the last ten years of deep R&D work, and now we have simplified our message, refined our portfolio of products, and focused on our customers and partners. Learn more.

New Quside brand identity

New One Series & RPU Cloud

We launched new products, including our One Series, the first family of products powered by our QN 100 and offering 1 Gb/s on both PCIe & FMC form factors. Also, our Randomness Processing Unit is now available in the cloud (RPU Cloud) on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the leading cloud services in the market. More info.

EIC Accelerator Program

We announced that we were awarded the prestigious EIC Accelerator, an accelerator program for startups from the European Commission. The project, with the name «Quantum-Based Randomness Processing Units (RPUs) for High-Performance Computation and Data Security,» aims to revolutionize computation and enhance data security through quantum-based randomization technology. More info here.

Festive Celebration

We had the pleasure of celebrating our annual Holiday Dinner. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the fantastic team we’ve become and the unwavering dedication and hard work throughout 2023. We’re excited to keep reaching new milestones in 2024.