The Qusiders


We are a passionate team of photonic engineers, quantum researchers and business leaders.

What moves us is to challenge the status-quo, to learn something new everyday, to innovate with a purpose and finally to create next-generation solutions for all of us.

The Qusiders

OUR Story

we were born

Quside is a spin-off from ICFO -The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona. After +6 years of intense R&D effort in developing quantum devices for secure communications, we took the industrialization path and constituted Quside in 2017.


Within the next 2 years at Quside, we were busy building our core. While focusing on advancing and customizing our technology for our partners, we engaged in several activities to welcome society on the quantum side. Among other achievements, we were selected to join EU quantum flagship projects, space projects, and we were awarded by MIT (35 under 35), AIJEC, and talked at NATO’s 70th anniversary in London.

And we learned, built & engaged


We are launching our first product

Beginning of 2020, our effort paid off and we launched our first commercial product Quside FMC 400. It is the first release of our randomness generation product line based on our phase-diffusion technology.


Envisioning to deploy quantum technology everywhere and for everyone, we feel that our journey has just begun. We are partnering with our existing products and we are about to launch our chipset product line. Quside’s chipset will allow high-speed at the internet-scale to address the emerging technologies such as 5G and AI. Solutions unimaginable before are now close at hand. Connect with us now to be prepared for what is to come. 

But the best part is yet to come…

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