At Quside, we believe advances in technology create new capabilities that can transform the way billions of people communicate and compute. Our mission is to deliver the highest performance quantum random number generators (QRNGs) to empower the transition to safer connectivity and more efficient computation for everyone, everywhere.

The Qusiders

our story

We come from science

After +6 years of intense R&D effort at ICFO, the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona, the Quside founding team decided to take the industrialization path and constitute Quside in 2017.

During the initial start-up phase, we built not only our core but also engaged in several activities to spread the word about quantum. We are an active member of the European quantum community and the Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) as well as a key contributor in a variety of projects for the European Commission (Qrange and Civiq projects for the Quantum Flagship program) and National efforts (Clave, Caramuel, QuSpin).

to bring quantum to applications

To enable safer connectivity & more powerful computing

Since we launched our first product, a high-quality QRNG based on our phase-diffusion technology, we continuously ramped up on our product portfolio. Improving current solutions, such as key generation or Monte Carlo simulations, or even enabling solutions that were impossible before. This is how our quantum random number generators are making a difference in our customers’ solutions.

What you need to know about
quantum random number generators.

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    Quside's products are being used in the Quantum Resistant Network, a global project led by EY and Hades that represents a global effort to provide world-class security capabilities to customers across industries, combining post-quantum hybrid cryptography and quantum random number generation.

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    Quside will be at the Mobile World Congress 2023, one of the largest technological events held in the world. Quside will be part of the European Quantum Space, promoted by the Quantum Flagship and ICFO. At booth 4A10 in Hall 4, Quside will share space with its eco-system quantum organizations.

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