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We’re building the strongest randomness foundation—for everyone, everywhere.

We believe advances in technology create new capabilities that can transform the way billions of people communicate and compute. Our mission is to research, engineer, and integrate quantum technology that ultimately leads to more secure connectivity and efficient computation for everyone.

Care to build

We strongly believe that strong cryptographic solutions and more efficient computing platforms are challenges worth investing in, even when it isn’t the easiest thing to do. We contribute by developing the most advanced randomness solutions for security and computing performance.

Build with care

We invest talent, resources, and time to build products with the highest scientific calibre and engineering excellence. Our solutions have been used in the most remote and challenging scientific environments, but it doesn’t stop there. We apply our excellence criteria to everything we do.

For everyone, everywhere

We build advanced technologies to address global challenges. We know it is only worthwhile if we make them inclusive and available for everyone, everywhere. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to making our products easily scalable. We make it small enough to solve a problem big enough.

Our Story

We’re ready to take you further, faster.

Over 6 years ago, we were a little startup conducting thorough R&D at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Barcelona.

When we launched our first product, a high-quality QRNG, we realised we were onto something big. In 2017, we launched Quside—with the mission to deliver safer connectivity and efficient computation for everyone, everywhere.

We wanted to know what people were looking for in their technology, so we built a network. We engaged in several activities to spread the word about quantum, and became an active member of the European quantum community and the Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC). We’ve also served as a key contributor in a variety of projects for the European Commission (Qrange and Civiq projects for the Quantum Flagship program) and national efforts (Clave, Caramuel, QuSpin).

Since then, we’ve expanded our portfolio, and we’re ready to show what we can do. We’ve developed technology to improve current solutions, such as key generation and Monte Carlo simulations. Now, we’re looking ahead. We strive to find new ways to do what was once considered impossible—to take you further, faster.

Quside team

Meet our team of experts

Business Growth
Operations & Admin
Research & Development
Carlos Abellan
CEO & Co-founder
Domenico Tulli
CTO & CO-founder
Waldimar Amaya
Co-founder & SVP Engineering
Steve Takhar
Frank Malek
VP Marketing
Fernando de la Iglesia
VP Product
Jose R. Martínez
VP Innovation
Ferran Bardaji
Marta Alcaide
Marketing & Communication
Isabel Alonso
Financial Controller
Angela Casapia
People Manager
Julio Sanz
Quantum Systems Engineer
Miquel Rudé
Lead Photonics
Alberto Martínez
Lead FPGA Engineer
Alejandro Torres
Laboratory Technician
Berta Martínez Pàmias
Photonics engineer
Blanca Mir
Photonic Engineer
Bruno Campisi
System Administrator
Carlotta Ciancico
Quantum Systems Engineer
Daniel Carrillo
Production Engineer
David Cirauqui
Quantum Engineer – PhD Student
David Ortiz
Hardware Lead
Diego Cadavid
Technical Project Manager
Gabriel Senno
Quantum Information Theorist
Berto J. Díaz Luis-Ravelo
Lead Software Engineer
Jafet Montesdeoca
Embedded Firmware Engineer
Javier Morgado
HPC Solutions Engineer
Marc Romeu Casas
Quantum Algorithms Engineer
Pablo Bolívar López
Hardware engineer
Rosamis F.Sosa
System Software Engineer
Sara Guzman
Channel Sales Manager
Sonia M. Barriga
Patents Specialist
Yohan Curbelo Anglés
FPGA Engineer
Eduard Pérez
FPGA Engineer
Júlia Borges
Office and Administrative Assistant
Ismael Pérez
Senior FPGA Engineer
Adrián Pérez
Hardware Testing Engineer
Jorge García
FPGA Engineer
Andrea Muni
Quantum Systems Engineer
Fernando Vaño
Software Engineer
Blanca Adell
Testing Intern
José Amaya
Public Funding Project Manager
Juan García Mesa
Project Manager
Joel Reñé
Photonic Intern
Adria Navarro
Hardware Engineer
Álvaro Cuevas
Quantum Systems Engineer
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