You are searching for a new challenge and you feel excited about bringing quantum technology to our daily lives? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Even if there is no job offer for your background right now, we are always looking for passionate researchers, engineers, and innovators!

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Careers at Quside

Production Engineer

We’re seeking a production engineer to oversee manufacturing processes at our company.

  • This person will be responsible for the production line, ensuring health and safety codes are followed, identifying problems, troubleshooting equipment, and completing various administrative tasks.
  • you’ll be responsible for the development of the tools required to guarantee the maximum quality of the products and the satisfaction of our clients,

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Software Applications Developer

We’re seeking a highly motivated Software Applications Developer, someone with passion for Software Engineering, to support our Engineering and Production Team.

  • Provide customer support for all our products and collaborate with the product quality assurance process.
  • Design and development of front/backend applications and the tools required to evaluate the products based on Quside´s Technology;
  • Database development and help to raise possible risks and opportunities of different processes and collaborate with proposals of solutions.

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