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  • Future Tech random numbers

    In cryptography, there is a core ingredient required to build any security system: unpredictable random numbers. The way to generate them isn't easy and is by means of measuring physical, random signals. In physics, unpredictability exists, and we have to leverage it in computing and security systems.

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  • Cybersecurity

    You may have already heard about the upcoming transition to quantum-safe cybersecurity as an urgent response to the cybersecurity threats posed by quantum computers. Now, with the threat identified, what solutions do we have available out there?

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  • MicrosoftTeams image 7

    Can we also build ICs that work with photons instead of electrons? The answer is yes, they are called photonic integrated circuits (PICs), and are a fast growing technology which will have a huge impact in our everyday life.

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  • Cloud computing paradigm

    The cloud computing service model today is established and almost all companies are embracing a strategy of “go to cloud”, both in part and in full. Depending on a company’s requirements it could be a public, private or hybrid cloud service.

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