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QRNGs in BFSI – Risk & Compliance

Banks, financial and insurance institutions have to ensure compliance with some of the most demanding IT requirements. Real-time availability of data as well as an increased need for faster and better simulation results.

Quside’s unique Quantum Random Number Generator chipset and module technology utilizing Randomness Metrology and Randomness Acceleration can allow for performance increases between 5x & 10x for the following types of financial applications & algorithms

  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Risk to Value optimization
  • Financial Portfolio Management prediction
  • Option Pricing & Derivativ Risk Management
  • Intra-Day Counterparty Risk Management
Using Quside Randomness Acceleration Cards for computation, speeds ups in performance and reduction of risks in codependencies are achieved.

QSIN MonteCarlo

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quantum random number generators.

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Use Cases

Using Quside’s Randomness Acceleration Platform, our client was able to demonstrate up to 10x speed on the randomness consumption bottleneck for their Monte Carlo-based financial models.


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