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Quside QRNGs empower a broad range of randomized algorithms

Some of the most relevant simulation and optimization workloads rely on stochastic processes, which require an ever-increasing source of high-quality, high-speed random numbers.

Current means to generate random numbers may introduce artifacts in highly parallel simulations, while also consuming valuable computing resources. In contrast to these pseudo-random generators, physical sources of randomness may also be used. However, today’s physical RNG devices are typically slow and unavailable in HPC environments.

The Quside Randomness Acceleration cards deliver high performance and efficient randomness generation for a broad class of randomized algorithms.

This high-quality entropy can be delivered using a bare metal appliance or a virtual appliance running in a virtualized or cloud environment.Quside Randomness Acceleration Cards are delivered with all drivers and libraries necessary to efficiently generate and process random numbers, making it easily accessible for your stochastic workloads.

Our libraries include a modified python NumPy library to facilitate adoptions for analysts and developers in multiple industries. With this functionality, users can benefit from quantum randomness without changing their codes.


Use cases

Into their data center to offer increased capabilities for stochastic workloads


  • Dinamics FIG.2

    A research collaboration between Quside, ICFO, and others, has shown how using quantum random number generators provide the required quality and efficiency for safely running even the most complex stochastic simulations.

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  • Telefonica Quside Qrypt Architecture

    Telefónica Tech has collaborated with Barcelona-based Quside, an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance quantum random number generators, and New York-based Qrypt, a producer of cryptographic quantum security solutions enabled by its Quantum Entropy-as-a-Service (EaaS) solution, to successfully complete the integration of a new quantum technology into its cloud service hosted in its Virtual Data Centers (VDC).

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