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A broad ecosystem of products enables the level of connectivity the world benefits from today. These products process, route, transport and protect data. Advanced quantum entropy sources give OEMs more performance and control to tackle growing challenges, trends and needs in the industry.

Quside has a growing base of global OEM Partners that utilize Quside products and services to enhance their own products and services, adding increased impetus to the OEM Partner’s value proposition. Quside’s OEM Partners benefit both from our high-performance and flexible QRNG product form factor and our unique Randomness Metrology for unmatched quality control. This gives a multitude of benefits for our OEM Partners

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Start benefiting immediately

No entropy starvation

Up to Gb/s quantum entropy capacity.

Proof of origin

Deploy Randomness Metrology.

Small form factor

Chipsets & modules available.



Up to Gb/s quantum entropy capacity.

QS PH QN 100

The fastest quantum entropy chip, enabled by photons.


Offloaded randomness capabilities with quantum entropy sources.


  • Cloud computing paradigm

    The cloud computing service model today is established and almost all companies are embracing a strategy of “go to cloud”, both in part and in full. Depending on a company’s requirements it could be a public, private or hybrid cloud service.

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  • Quantum Key Distribution

    The need for secure communication is as old as we can recall. The first cryptographic device used by the Spartans is dated circa 600 BC. Cryptography is the science of encoding a message, containing confidential information, so that only the recipient can read it.

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    CESGA, the centre of computing, high performance communications systems, and advanced services of the Galician Scientific Community, the University academic system, and the National Scientific Research Council (CSIC), recently installed into their supercomputing facilities a quantum random number generator from Quside, a Barcelona-based quantum technology company offering quantum random number generators (QRNG) for safe connectivity and advanced computation.

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What you need to know about quantum random number generators.

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use case

A customer recently deployed a CV-QKD link to protect 2 high-security end points, using Quside’s FMC 400 to produce the basis choices in real-time.

A customer launched integrated Quside’s Quantum Entropy products to build an appliance that is supporting a novel cloud-based security infrastructure

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