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If you are serious about software, you build your own hardware. Quside provides you with what you need to build the strongest cryptographic foundation for your customers’ trust and peace of mind.

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We’ve been researching and developing our state-of-the-art technology for 10+ years. Additionally, we have demonstrated our products for 5+ years with outstanding reception.


When your technology is backed by Quside, it gives your customers an extra layer of security to work with your products and services.


We care about building products that simultaneously protects users and lets them excel. That’s why we build our hardware with the utmost care.

Offering this key quantum-generated resource is a significant advantage for both our internal and external customers. It is especially important for our enterprise customers with demands for high quality and high-performance random numbers, who will benefit from this unique feature.

Hugo de los Santos
Director of Products and Services at Telefónica Cyber & Cloud Tech

This is a native quantum technology-based infrastructure that CESGA deploys for the Galician and European innovation community. We are convinced that it will make technical and scientific research more efficient and that it will be a valuable aid for the development of new, reliable and trustworthy products and services.

Andrés Gómez
CESGA’s Applications & Project Manager

For us it is important to have access to a completely new technology to know its potential use in our current equipment and in those with higher performance that we will install soon. Its advantages must be tested in real cases like the ones we usually find in our projects.

Artur Garcia
Head of the Quantum group at BSC
Who trust us
Qrypt was established to protect and defend our collective privacy from exploitation, regardless of where the threat originates. Qrypt’s quantum-secure encryption gives people the tools they need to immutably secure their data and their right to privacy.
EY Wavespace™ is a global growth and innovation network, that brings digital communities together to help organizations explore operating models and emerging technologies that can transform their businesses. EY led the deployment of the Quantum Resistant Networkand selected Quside’s quantum randomness generation and monitoring products.
LuxQuanta is a spin-off from ICFO, that strives to deliver Quantum KeyDistribution (QKD) systems and technologies to be integrated into existing network infrastructures while capable of providing a quantum-safe layer of security on top of mathematical cryptographic techniques.
DAS Photonics provides high-end solutions based on its proprietary photonics technology for the most demanding applications worldwide both in Space Communications and in Signal Intelligence fields. DAS Photonics’ products competitive advantage is given by the intrinsic features of photonics technology, beating electronics by far
Altech is a specialized trading company that imports the most advanced machinery and equipment from Europe and the United States to support Japanese manufacturing. They also provide the customers with the solution on the basis of the experience we have accumulated more than 20 years in the wireless communication and IoT security industry.
Fortinet is a security leader to develop and build custom security processing unit (SPU) technology that offers the best price/performance and value in the industry with Security Compute Ratings that are multiples that of other vendors with more software-oriented or CPU-driven approaches.
Quantropi’s QiSpace™ platform provides quantum-secure encryption and quantum entropy services to enterprises, governments, product manufacturers, and the IoT / embedded market. Our crypto-agile solution protects data in transit and data at rest against today’s emerging threats and tomorrow’s quantum-based attacks. QiSpace™ works over today’s Internet, enabling governments and enterprises tobegin transitioning to post-quantum security, with minimal investment in new hardware or infrastructure.
Key Factor brings digital trust to the hyper-connected world with identity-first security for every machine and human. By simplifying PKI, automating certificate lifecycle management, and securing every device, workload, and thing, Key Factor helps organizations move fast to establish digital trust at scale and then maintain it.
Qu-Aid harnesses quantum to ensure the best quality of randomness for cryptography to monitor and measure the process of generating this randomness and to manage entropy generation and ensure it remains pure and untouched. They also offer SmokeNet Private Cloud providing a state of the art security in a package that is manageable for all.
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