Offloaded randomness capabilities with quantum entropy sources

The Quside PCIe Series has been designed to power a wide array of compute systems with high-performance quantum random number generation capabilities and randomness processing tools. The PCIe product series embeds Quside’s proprietary phase-diffusion quantum random number generation technology, delivering high- quality and measurable randomness at high speed.

In addition, the Quside PCIe Series also integrates randomness processing capabilities and IP to deliver the right data type and desired distribution profile for applications in cryptography and randomized computation. Primary usages of the Quside PCIe Series include Monte Carlo Acceleration in finance, pharma, research and logistics, quantum key distribution for continuous variable and discrete variable protocols, and cryptography appliances with high-level randomness requirements.

As all products from Quside, the PCIe series is delivered with measurable quantum randomness metrics via the Randomness Metrology toolkit and IP, which is embedded in the system and accessible via software. A unique product for hardware acceleration in environments where entropy plays a key role, as in computation and cryptography.

Available products today:
  • Quside PCIe 400, delivering 400 Mb/s of raw random numbers.
  • If you are in need of or require extracted randomness rates above 1 Gb/s, please contact sales@quside.com, we can help you!


Quside's FMC 400 Highlights: High-performance


Providing raw random numbers at up to 400 Mb/s and up to 10Gb/s random distribution streams 2 Gb/s

Quside's FMC 400 Highlights: Standardize Interface


PCIe Gen2 x4 standardized interface

quside icon quality

Quality and Reliability

Measurable quality with Quside Randomness Metrology Guaranteed entropy bounds above 90%

Efficient icon


Efficient usage of simulation resources leading to up t 10X performance speed ups and 20X energy savings

INDUSTRY Applications

QS ICON chemistry


​Stochastic Simulations
Computational Chemistry​
Drug Discovery​

QS ICON finance


​Speed up Monte Carlo simulations​
Portfolio Optimization​
Risk Assessment​

QS ICON logistics


​Scheduling and dispatching simulations​
Inventory Optimization​
Stochastic strategic and tactical Planning

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