Quside Entropy Core
Stronger cryptographic foundation in your enterprise applications & network.
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High-quality entropy forms the bedrock of every cryptographic solution and is pivotal for ensuring application security. In the realm of cryptography, sufficient access to top-tier entropy is paramount. However, obtaining such high-quality entropy from applications poses a significant challenge for delivery teams, particularly when they lack complete control over the hardware environment in which the application operates. Integrating the Quside Entropy Core into your private network infrastructure offers a robust cryptographic foundation for enterprise applications and networks. By doing so, you fortify your systems with enhanced security measures, ensuring resilience against potential threats. 

With the integration of the Quside Entropy Core into your private infrastructure, applications gain seamless access to Entropy Connections, facilitating secure and standardized access to premium entropy. This breakthrough enables the establishment of deployment policies that guarantee all applications enjoy regulated access to rigorously verified entropy, eliminating reliance on hardware dependencies.



Entropy Infrastructure
  • Turnkey appliance integrating Quside’s QRNGs chip technology.
  • Simple deployment in virtualized, on premises and cloud environments.
  • High performance, supporting 10,000+ entropy requests per second.
Entropy Connections
  • Simple REST HTTP API Entropy core interface available from within your private network.
  • Easy integration in applications.
  • Agentless solution, standard http client libraries can be used.
Entropy Management
  • Administration API and Monitoring for easy management and integration.
  • Entropy monitoring capabilities enabled and easily accessible.
  • Implements Quside Randomness Metrology

Main Specs
Entropy Connection


Payload: Json or binary format

Performance: 10.000 request/s for 32 B requests per appliance

Max 8 MB per request


Entropy Core

2 RU 19′ appliance

Powered by QN 100 chip

Virtual Appliance available

Entropy Monitoring

Prometheus agents.

Use Cases

Entropy injection for cryptographic systems and applications

OTP & TOTP key generation

Entropy source for virtualized and containerized services

Entropy injection for IoT devices, industrial IoT and OT technologies

Entropy Core in Equinix Fabric

The Quside Entropy Core using Equinix Fabric seamlessly integrates using private networks into any type of network and distributed environments. It securely delivers quantum randomness to multiple applications in parallel using standard API technology.
The Quside Entropy Core can now be accessed from Equinix Fabric locally in London location or remotely from any of the Equinix Fabric locations and from any physical, virtual or cloud provider environment through Equinix Fabric.

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