QRNG Security Chipset – QN100 Chip
1 Gbit/s performance, embedded

The Quside’s QN100 is a QRNG chip that provides fast, scalable and unpredictable randomized computation. The QN 100 enables 1 Gbit/s quantum entropy generation on a single mm² footprint—making it the fastest quantum entropy chip on the market. Based on phase-diffusion technology, the QN 100 brings a decade of research and development into a large-scale manufacturable semiconductor chip. The QN 100 is the first of its kind, and takes security, privacy, and efficiency in randomised computation to a whole new level.


1 Gbit/s performance


High-quality numbers, generated and checked by Quside’s proven Randomness Metrology methodology


>95% min-entropy bounds to guarantee unpredictability


Cutting-edge photonic chip implementing the phase diffusion quantum entropy generation technology


5 x 5 mm²

Entropy Generation

1 Gbit/s

Power Consumption

0.3 W

Min-entropy bound (Randomness Metrology)

0.9 Bits / Min. 0.8 Bits

Raw Statistics (Excess Predictability)

0.01 Bits / Max. 0.02 Bits

  • Speed up Monte Carlo simulations
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Risk Assessment
Government & Space
  • QKD & Hybrid key generation
  • Cybersecurity systems
Telco & Data Centre
  • Hybrid key generation (IoT & 5G)
  • Industrial IoT
  • Quantum key distribution systems
  • Cybersecurity appliances
  • Key management systems
Logistics & Retail
  • Scheduling and dispatching simulations
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • Tactical Planning (forecasting)