The Quside FMC 400 has been specifically designed for FPGA engineers to allow a facile and versatile integration. Building on Quside’s proprietary phase-diffusion quantum random number generation technology, it provides 400 Mb/s of raw random numbers. Read more about quantum random numbers.

Quside's FMC 400 product


  • High-performance


    Providing high-performance at 400 Mb/s of raw random numbers

  • Standardize interface


    The standardized FMC interface allows an easy integration

  • Objective Quality Measurement


    Objective quality prove is possible thanks to Quside Randomness Metrology

  • Reliable entropy quality


    With entropy bounds above 90 % reliable entropy quality is guaranteed

  • Versatility


    Prototyping kits are available with USB, PCIe and Ethernet interface


I tested the Quside’s products recently and the results and performance that I measured are very promising. I’m very keen on observing the upscale of the company’s production and explore a commercial relationship for the data center market.

Fernando de la Iglesia, Technology Expert at Telefónica Global Cloud Services.


Quside is the only producer of high-rate, quantum randomness suitable for cryptographic key generation, the raw material at the very foundation of modern cryptography. Cybersecurity in the quantum computing age depends on the scalability of this essential technology – all others are scientifically dubious.

Denis Mandich, CTO at Qrypt

Target Applications

  • Cloud Security

    Cloud security service

    Quside's random number generators enhance the entropy generation capacity of the servers and networking devices that route the world's data on a daily bases, improving the security and reducing the risk of data exposure.

  • High-performance computing

    High-performance computing

    Quside's QRNGs are optimized to interface with high-performance computing cores to provide unique capabilities to randomized algorithms as those ubiquotous in finance, logistics, science or engineering.

  • Quantum key distribution

    Quantum key distribution

    Quside’s ultrafast quantum randomness sources power a variety of QKD systems to provide the unpredictability and distribution profiles required for the quantum key distribution protocol.

  • Entropy-as-a-service


    Quside’s high-quality and high-performance quantum randomness sources are used to deliver reliable random numbers from the cloud down to the application needed in a secure manner.

Join the quantum side

integrate Quside’s quantum technology today to create tomorrow’s solutions.

With new technologies on the horizon, such as 5G and AI, we are working on meeting the needs – high-speed at the internet-scale – to address the respective challenges and accelerate their potential. Be prepared for what is to come, and pre-order Quside’s chipset evaluation kit now.

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