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Quside: Quantum Revolution Latest Big Bet, Says ABC

Quside: Quantum Revolution Latest Big Bet, Says ABC

Spanish companies program quantic revolution, as this Sunday’s ABC article states, and Quside is an integral part of this effort. 

Carlos Abellan gave an interview for a comprehensive ABC overview on Quantum Technology, commenting on quantum topics and positions Quside as one of the leading European companies (based in Spain) driving the quantum revolution in the European Continent. 

The article, originally in Spanish, approaches the Quantum ecosystem development in Spain, how companies are preparing to be part of the quantum paradigm shift already taking place, and offers insightful knowledge about quantum technology itself. For example, the concept of bits to qubits and the basics in quantum communication, quantum computing, and quantum cybersecurity. 

Abellan comments Quside’s foundation, in 2017, as a spin-off from ICFO, Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas (Photonics Sciences Institute), where he conducted his research over a 10-year period. He explains how random numbers generation through quantum processes guarantees their high-quality total randomness, unprecedented levels of security, and allows safer connectivity and communications:

“We have a patented technology for the generation of random numbers, a chip, which means that it is small and can be integrated in many dispositives. Is quantic and fast, in such a way that we can work on a gigabit per second basis, being a thousand times faster than what is seen today”

Companies Migration To Quantum Cybersecurity 

Quside’s CEO highlights the company’s efforts on assisting companies to migrate to quantum cryptography and mitigate classical cybersecurity risk. Many of these companies currently protect their data and their customers’ data in an unsustainable manner. The prognostic for the near future is even harsher, as the increase in cyberattacks and ransomware each quarter clearly demonstrates. 


ABC explains the role of the Quantum Flagship program for the development of these technologies in the EU. Our partners ICFO and Telefónica, among other Spanish companies and institutes, also bring interesting visions.

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To read the original article in Spanish, visit ABC website

José Ramon Martínez

Carlos Abellan

Co-founder & CEO

PhD in quantum technologies at ICFO, where he developed the quantum randomness technologies that were transferred to Quside. 10 years of experience in quantum and photonics technologies, co-inventor of multiple patent families and co-author of 15+ papers in top scientific journals. Received the award MIT Innovators Under 35 Europe.

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