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Quside and Juniper Networks sign technology alliance partnership agreement

Quside has signed a Technology Alliance Partnership Agreement with Juniper Networks, a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, to explore together the use of quantum random number generation in support of the transition to new innovative approaches to cryptography.

Barcelona, 25th October 2022

Random numbers are fundamental in cryptography, with applications such as certificate creation or VPN encryption. There are multiple types of random number generators ― i.e. pseudo-random, true-random or quantum-random― but not all of them are suitable for cybersecurity usage. In particular, the use of specialized hardware is required to deliver the unpredictability that is needed in security products and applications. In this context, it is crucial to ensure that the hardware producing these random numbers delivers sufficient unpredictable digits and that it is routinely monitored to check its entropy quality.

Quside and Juniper will explore how network providers can leverage high-quality, high-performance and measurable quantum entropy sources, such as the one provided by Quside. This effort aligns with the on-going transition to quantum-resistant encryption solutions providing quantum-safe security features.

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Domenico di Mola, Group Vice President Engineering, Cloud Software & Infrastructure and Packet-Optical Platforms, Juniper Networks, said: “As a secure networking innovator, Juniper continually assesses potential solutions to  problems through the lens of improving and maintaining the best possible user experiences. Working with Quside to explore this emerging area is a great example of our ongoing quest to stay ahead of potential issues and threats for our customers.”

“We are very proud to be working with Juniper Networks, a world leader in networking and communications technology, to set the path towards improved randomness generation and monitoring, giving customers access to higher security features and real-time insights,” said Carlos Abellan, CEO and Co-Founder of Quside Technologies SL. “Under this Technology Alliance Partnership Agreement, Juniper and Quside will collaborate to explore and test the use of quantum entropy sources in supporting upcoming applications and increased customer needs for the transition to quantum-resistant encryption.”

José Ramon Martínez

Carlos Abellan

Co-founder & CEO

PhD in quantum technologies at ICFO, where he developed the quantum randomness technologies that were transferred to Quside. 10 years of experience in quantum and photonics technologies, co-inventor of multiple patent families and co-author of 15+ papers in top scientific journals. Received the award MIT Innovators Under 35 Europe.

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And the Nobel Prize goes to: quantum technologies.

This year’s Nobel Prize in physics has been given to John F. Clauser, Alain Aspect and Anton Zeilinger for "experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science." Our founders had the opportunity to collaborate in Bell test experiments in 2015.

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