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Quside announces the QN100, a quantum entropy source for cybersecurity and computation

Quside announces today availability of its new chip-based quantum entropy source technology, the QN 100, for ultrafast and high-quality random number generation.

Barcelona (Spain) – February 21, 2022, The new QN 100 will give Quside’s customers access to enhanced randomness capabilities for the on-going transition to quantum-safe cybersecurity and efficient randomized accelerated computation.

Quantum entropy source for post-quantum encryption

Entropy sources are fundamental for the generation of random numbers, which in turn are central for all cybersecurity protocols. If random numbers are not unpredictable, then no truly safe security can be achieved. Therefore, producing high-quality random numbers is a prerequisite. In 2022, new post-quantum encryption and authentication standards will be published and large-scale investments in quantum communication infrastructures consolidated, both at the European (EuroQCI) and international level.

The QN 100 chip will allow Quside to further drive its mission to provide the highest performing, scaling and quality of quantum-enhanced randomness sources to its OEM customers and partners, who embed them to deliver the strongest cybersecurity products for their global customers.

More than 1 Gbps

The QN 100 can support the generation of more than 1 Gbps of random digits. With this new unique resource, Quside will release new products in 2022, achieving more compact and diverse form factors with increased performance. The products will not only focus on their cybersecurity offerings, but also on their new compute acceleration offerings for randomized workloads for optimization, simulation and prediction, in markets such as finance, insurance, science, energy or pharma.

The QN 100 chipset is produced in a pure-play foundry, which allows Quside to a reliable production at scale of its quantum entropy sources, and confidently deliver to its customers.

About Quside:  Quside builds quantum technologies for safer connectivity and advanced computation. A spin-off of ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences – in Barcelona, Spain, Quside has a 10+ year heritage in the development and research of quantum technologies and is commercializing innovative quantum random number generators and other hardware solutions. Quside is an active member of the European quantum community and the Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) as well as a key contributor in a variety of projects for the European Commission (Qrange and Civiq projects for the Quantum Flagship program) and National efforts (Clave, Caramuel, QuSpin).

José Ramon Martínez

Domenico Tulli

Co-founder & CTO

Domenico leads the technology strategy, space initiatives and EU founded projects of Quside. With more than 15 years of experience on integrated photonics, he holds an Telecom. Engineering degree from Bologna University (2006), a Ph.D in Photonics from ICFO (2012) and a MBA from the TPMBA school (2022).

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