Quside’s Entropy Core through Equinix Fabric™

Fortify your applications with enhanced entropy: safeguarding security within your private network

Streamline and secure your data processes with Quside’s entropy solution on Equinix.

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Non-deterministic, high quality and measurable randomness

The Quside Entropy Core integrates Quside’s Quantum Random Number Generators chips to provide true, unpredictable, high quality, measurable randomness via an easy to consume HTTP REST API interface. Having access to the Quside Entropy Core through Equinix Fabric, applications can establish Entropy Connections using private networks to the Quside Entropy Core and ensure secure and homogeneous entropy access.

Guaranteed entropy availability

Quality randomness is crucial for security protocols. Insufficient randomness can cause serious security breaches.


Access to entropy quality parameters. Users get actionable information on the entropy obtained.

On Demand

Easy activation using Equinix Service Portal and Service Tokens.

Easy to Use

No proprietary or customized client required, just standard Http client or client library is needed to obtain the quantum generated randomness.


Charged by bandwidth consumed, monthly billing. Leverage high quality Quantum Entropy Source.


TLS 1.3 ensures source and customer identities and avoids replay attacks among others. Optional mTLS is supported.

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Use Cases

How customers use the Entropy Core through Equinix

VPN applications running in infrastructure providers

Business applications deployed in world-class digital infrastructure providers communicate securely between different locations using virtual private networks (VPNs).

With the Quside Entropy Core, these VPNs obtain the required entropy of the required quality from the private network in Equinix Fabric for customers deployed in any Equinix Fabric location and leverage the network interchange facilities to any connected network.

PKI running in public cloud infrastructure

PKI applications running in public cloud environments lose control over the entropy source from where the cryptographic functions obtain the required random numbers to create signatures, certificates, etc.

By connecting the environment to Equinix Fabric using the cloud provider’s capabilities, PKI applications can take advantage of the Quside Entropy Core to obtain the required random numbers in a secure, controlled, and homogeneous way.

Edge computing in industrial infrastructures

Edge computing enables the processing of information locally at industrially distributed places. This model creates security challenges because of the limited resources of the edge locations, especially in a geopolitical context where cyber threats and malicious activities are growing daily.

Centralized management for edge computing can obtain the required entropy for cryptographic protection from the Quside Entropy Core and redistribute it securely to the highly distributed edge locations.

Smart Meters in electrical smart grids

Smart meters are core components that provide control and monitoring using two-way communication with the utility provider and consumers. The lack of resources for these IoT devices makes them prone to suffer attacks that could lead to serious incidents in the distribution grids.

Smart meters can obtain enough entropy of sufficient quality for the required cryptographic functions from the Quside Entropy Core by integrating the utility’s premises with Equinix Fabric. In this form, the two-way communications between smart meters in the consumers’ locations and the utility provider use strengthened cryptographic functions.

How it works

Easy Integration through Equinix Fabric

The Quside Entropy Core using Equinix Fabric seamlessly integrates using private networks into any type of network and distributed environments. It securely delivers quantum randomness to multiple applications in parallel using standard API technology. The Quside Entropy Core can now be accessed from Equinix Fabric and from any physical, virtual or cloud provider environment through Equinix Fabric.

The Importance of True Randomness in Cybersecurity
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Stronger cryptographic foundation in your enterprise applications & network through Equinix Fabric™

Engage Entropy Core
Why do we need QRNG?

QRNGs provide several advantages to generate random numbers in applications as cryptography, including the strongest form of unpredictability, the ability to measure the quality through first principles and typically faster performance.

Who has developed the quantum random number generator?

There are various companies and research labs that have created and built QRNGs. Quside is a leading supplier of high-performance QRNGs

How do quantum number generators work?

A quantum random number generator (QRNG) generates streams of random digits by sampling a signal that contains sufficiently large quantum dynamics.

What is a quantum random number generator?

It is a hardware component that is used to generate unpredictable random numbers, typically for cryptography or computation application.

Why are enough quality random numbers so important for cryptography?

Random numbers are at the foundation of any cryptographic application. Without enough high quality measurable random numbers to generate keys, nonces, initialization vectors, etc. the security of cryptographic protocols are compromised.

How Entropy Core deliver the quantum generated random numbers to the applications that require them?

Applications establish an Entropy Connection to the Quside Entropy Core using the private network to ensure secure & homogeneous entropy access for your application deployment by leveraging a simple REST API interface