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Heuristic Optimisation Solutions

Make better decisions faster with the go-to platform for your heuristic optimisation code

Navigating uncertainty is at the core of every decision-making process. The science and art of simulating it are essential to ensure optimal decision outcomes. Quside’s technologies and products empower you to navigate these uncertainties with utmost confidence.

Boost performance

Accelerate your heuristic optimisation and full workload execution with the RPU One, obtaining maximum bandwidth and computational efficiency.

Reduce carbon footprint

Lower your energy footprint up to 20X with the RPU One’s unprecedented performance.

Discover new possibilities

Solve challenges previously considered impossible on a practical platform.

Simulated quantum annealing

Optimise complex problems using physics-backed optimisation algorithms.

Ising model solvers

Efficiently solve complex combinatorial models using Ising models.

Randomised workloads

Optimise workloads through randomised techniques, exploring solution spaces for improved solutions.

Our partners

Offering this key quantum-generated resource is a significant advantage for both our internal and external customers. It is especially important for our enterprise customers with demands for high quality and high-performance random numbers, who will benefit from this unique feature.

Hugo de los Santos
Director of Products and Services at Telefónica Cyber & Cloud Tech

This is a native quantum technology-based infrastructure that CESGA deploys for the Galician and European innovation community. We are convinced that it will make technical and scientific research more efficient and that it will be a valuable aid for the development of new, reliable and trustworthy products and services.

Andrés Gómez
CESGA’s Applications & Project Manager

For us it is important to have access to a completely new technology to know its potential use in our current equipment and in those with higher performance that we will install soon. Its advantages must be tested in real cases like the ones we usually find in our projects.

Artur Garcia
Head of the Quantum group at BSC
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