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QRNGs for Space & Defense

Governments, defense agencies but also other sectors as for instance hospitals and banks need to protect their critical data and be sure that this data is not stolen or accessed by the wrong people, especially with the advent of a quantum computer and the possibility to decrypt those data in the future (store now – decrypt later).

For this sensitive data, advanced security solutions are required to face such threats, which offers long term post-quantum security. In this context, many efforts are being launched globally, including Europe’s initiative named the European Quantum Communication Infrastructure (EuroQCI).

Satellite comms is a way to overcome distance limitations of terrestrial technologies for quantum key distribution. Space-based QKD initiatives are booming and very high-rate QRNGs are needed to generate the required speed for practical key exchanges. Additionally, QRNGs are also a source of entropy to be deployed in other cryptographic protocols, including conventional and post-quantum cryptography.

Quside QRNG chipsets and modules can deliver on the demanding speed requirements while at the same time delivering the quality and on-board monitoring tools for real-time quality assessment

QSIN Satellite

Use cases

Quside with its FMC400 architecture is part of a consortium developing the first European GEO-satellite QKD system for the distribution of unbreakable encryption keys over distances larger than 100 km with high availability

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