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Already now, we live in a data-driven society, enabled by electronic chips and communication networks. However, we have reached the time where our ability to protect and digest information is hitting unexplored limits. Even our right to privacy is threatened.

At Quside, we believe quantum technology is the key to overcome these limits and it will enable a safer digital world with more powerful and efficient computers.


Meet Laura, our quantum champion, and together, let’s find out how quantum technology will influence your daily life in the future.

Secure data management

Laura loves books. Every month of the current year, it is the end of 2028, she has read various on her e-reader while enjoying the straightforwardness of acquiring them online. With a single click, from any device, she can buy her latest choice. For that to be possible, Laura’s credit card and personal data travel through the Internet to enable the transaction.

Quside’s random numbers are used in multiple stages of the process to ensure that this communication remains secure and that Laura’s privacy is guaranteed.


Reduced emissions through optimized transportation routes

It is the beginning of the year 2029. Laura pays attention to her green-footprint. As she doesn’t own a car, she is ordering most of her food supplies online. Laura is inclined to purchase from companies that make their best effort to reduce the energy footprint. So optimization of the supply routes allows the minimization of the resources spent on the distribution of her goods.

Quside’s patternless random number generators and optimization techniques help to reduce the length of the whole transportation way.


Secure mobile connectivity

Travelling is one of Laura’s passion. Every year, as well as in the current year of 2029, she explores new places. Of course, when away, she still wants to be in contact with her beloved ones and therefore uses the WiFi of hotels, airports, and public places. Often such WiFi connections have weak protection.

Quside’s technology at the edge is helping mobile manufacturers and network providers to offer the safest possible connection to all of us.


Enabling high-performance computing at the edge

As Laura visits different countries, she has to deal with lots of different languages. However, in 2029, this is no longer a burden: her smartphone has embedded AI capable of performing simultaneous translation between her mother-tongue and the local one.

Quside’s quantum random numbers are key enabling elements for this and many other Edge AI applications.


Digital privacy

Being in the year 2029, in Laura’s home there is not only a router but also a TV, a voice-assisted controller and a thermostat that she can interact with remotely. Most of such IoT appliances do not enable strong, quantum-safe encryption. 

Quside’s quantum random numbers can ensure Laura that all her local communications remain secure and her privacy is guaranteed.


Our products are designed to build the foundation for these improvements.

We invent to meet present and future needs.

Quside's FMC 400 product
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