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European Quantum Industry Consortium elects Quside’s CEO for board

29 de abril de 2021
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Quside’s CEO Elected Among QuIC Members


Developing the quantum technology ecosystem in Europe is one of the main goals of the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC), kicked-off during its General Assembly on April 15th, which also appointed its governing board, electing Carlos Abellan, Quside’s CEO and founder, among its members.

Laure Le Bars (SAP) was elected president, Benno Broer (Qu&Co) and Thomas Strohm (Bosch) are the vice presidents, and Enrique Lizaso (Multiverse Computing) is QuIC’s treasurer. Furthermore, all chairs of the nine working groups presented their objectives, milestones, deliverables and an overview of the future tasks. Aside from Quside, more than 100 founding members from all sectors of the quantum technologies industry in Europe were remotely present at the assembly.

“QuIC is a great initiative to advance the transition of Europe’s world-class quantum knowledge into commercial success and we’re thrilled to be an active member of this effort.” Carlos Abellan, Quside’s CEO

The foundation is the result of almost two years of elaboration and meets the demand expressed by the Quantum Community Network (one of the three governing bodies of the Quantum Flagship, a research and innovation initiative) which urged for a “privately owned body with the mission to advocate, promote, and foster the common interests of the European Quantum Industry towards all Quantum Technologies stakeholders”.

According to Tommaso Calarco, Chair of the Quantum Community Network and Head of the Quantum Control division of the Peter Grünberg Institute at Forschungszentrum Jülich, QuIC will bring forward the voice of quantum technology’s industrial stakeholders and will join forces with other European quantum initiatives to overcome difficulties and to make the European digital decade into a quantum decade.

Second Quantum Revolution

We’re on the edge of a second quantum revolution and a collaborative hub as QuIC will boost Europe’s competitiveness, bringing meaningful advances to science.

“I am convinced that Europe can lead in research, innovation and development of quantum technologies. (…) Building a strong, vibrant ecosystem between SMEs, large companies, investors, and leading-edge researchers can only boost Europe’s competitiveness. Together, we are developing strategic roadmaps, engaging in pre-standardisation activities, developing IP strategies, and determining needs in education and skills. We are also looking forward to collaborating with the European Commission and other stakeholders.”

Laure Le Bars, QuIC’s President and Research Project Director at SAP Technology & Innovation

QuIC is the reference consortium recognised by the European Commission which represents the interests of the quantum technologies industry in Europe.

Keep track of QuIC’s future activities on our blog and visit the consortium website to learn more details about its mission and members.