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Meet Steve Takhar, Quside’s new CRO, Chief Revenue Officer

Steve joined Quside as CRO in July, has 30 years of experience in sales and marketing in a wide variety of roles, he’s British, and based in London. Previously, he was Head of Global Sales for Cambridge Quantum Computing, a company in cybersecurity. He’s a seasoned professional leader with an extensive and impressive background with roles in various enterprise technology vendors, such as Dell-EMC, VCE, (a former joint venture of EMC, Cisco, VMWare, and Intel), and DEC.

19 de julio de 2021
3.5 min read

Interview With Quside’s New CRO Steve Takhar

Hi Steve! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us and welcome aboard! Can you tell us a bit about what motivated you to join Quside?

Quantum is truly a paradigm shift in technology as we know it. Its effects on wider society will eventually be all-encompassing, particularly in the field of cybersecurity. Allied with the threat of ‘harvest now, decrypt later’ a reality today; Quside is uniquely positioned to help organizations combat this looming threat. It gives me great pleasure in joining Quside and helping on the journey to becoming a trusted advisor company and thought leader in the field of quantum and quantum-derived cybersecurity. Quside’s solutions will allow our customers and partners to address the quantum cybersecurity threat with renewed confidence. These were my motivations for joining Quside.

What is the role of a CRO and what is your first challenge at Quside?
The role of a CRO, Chief Revenue Officer, is primarily to deal with all matters that are intrinsically customer-facing and revenue-generating. Capturing, devising, owning, and delivering the ‘go-to market’ strategy and supporting the overall unique customer experience. The challenge at Quside is to leverage the great quantum work done to date and harness it into intrinsic business value to our customers and to accurately articulate that message.

How do you see the Quantum Technology ecosystem evolving over a 5-year period?
As each day, week and month goes by, the quantum ecosystem develops and grows further. From small startups to global multinationals, I see collaboration as the key to success for companies of all sizes. Technological breakthroughs will occur more often and quicker the more we see collaboration thrive. This includes the new and emerging hardware, software, and niche players with unique use cases in the quantum space. I believe the unique value in quantum is only a few years (as opposed to a few decades, as some may believe) away from being realized.

What was the major accomplishment of your career so far?
To date there are two accomplishments to mention, both were new major product launches in the enterprise technology vendor space, namely converged infrastructure & hyper-converged infrastructure in the last decade at VCE. Taking a new technology and capability and helping to create a new multi-million / billion dollar market from scratch within just a few years. I am in the quantum marketplace in order to attempt to do the same.

Who is Steve outside the work environment?
My interests outside of the workplace involve sport, either playing, watching, or studying how it can relate to real-life scenarios. My main activities involve golf, football, cycling, and, wherever possible, motorsport. Also, when the world opens up again, I would like to get back to experiencing traveling internationally again!

Thanks, Steve!  Any final messages to our clients and prospects who you will be in touch with, in the next couple of months?
Unfortunately, one of the major growth industries currently is cyber criminality! Quside developed a unique quantum-derived technology that can help keep you, your customers, and your partners safe from attack. We will do our best to articulate how we can help you achieve this in an effective manner for your business, and we hope to be in contact with you soon, in the meantime take care & be safe!