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Qrypt & Quside Partnership: quantum secure protection

20 de marzo de 2020
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Qrypt & Quside – Quantum Secure Data Protection Solutions

New York-based Qrypt, Inc., (Qrypt), and Barcelona-based Quside Technologies, S.L., (Quside) today announce their partnership to jointly deliver a quantum secure data protection solution. Qrypt develops quantum hardware appliances and post-quantum encryption algorithms. Quside produces quantum randomness technology and chipsets. Qrypt integrates Quside randomness technologies in Qrypt’s enterprise-deployable appliances to offer quantum-secure cryptographic solutions at scale. The joint hardware and software suites allow companies to migrate applications to an everlasting secure state as an on-premise or service-based solution.

Random numbers are at the foundation of all cryptography and producing and distributing them are notoriously difficult tasks. Qrypt and Quside have solved the critical barriers to achieving scalable quantum security today. The key advances made by the two companies include fast quantum randomness generators, quantum-safe randomness distribution systems and encryption techniques. These systems will be available as a cloud service in summer 2020 for both large enterprises and embedded systems like IoT.

“The Qrypt/Quside partnership allows scalable access to unpredictable quantum randomness for cryptographic use. By combining Quside’s quantum random number generators with Qrypt’s randomness distribution and post-quantum encryption technologies, customers can now access a fully embedded quantum-safe, scalable data security solution.”

Says Carlos Abellan, CEO at Quside.

“Qrypt is excited to announce our partnership with Quside, which will give companies the ability to access quantum security today. The advent of quantum computers renders modern data security obsolete because the ‘harvest now, decrypt later’ data exploitation technique causes the immediate risk to companies. Additionally, most large companies will take years to fully transition from existing infrastructure to quantum secure systems, so it is important they begin that transition now before quantum computers are widely accessible as a cloud service.”

Says Denis Mandich, CTO at Qrypt.

Qrypt and Quside have together solved the critical barriers to achieving scalable quantum security today. Qrypt is accepting applications for partners to access their quantum random in an EaaS Beta.

About Qrypt: Based in New York City, NY, with an office in Germantown, MD, Qrypt’s quantum hardware and post-quantum software solution offers organizations all-in-one protection from threats today and those on the horizon.

About Quside: Quside builds quantum technologies for safer connectivity and more powerful computation. A spin-off of ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences – in Barcelona, Quside is commercializing innovative hardware solutions for all connected devices.