Quside at NATO Engages
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Quside at NATO Engages: opinion on future technologies

London, UK. Today several heads of state and experts of various fields gathered at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Leaders’ Meeting in London. As 2019 is the year of the NATO Alliance’s 70th anniversary, the celebrations were rounded off by discussing our future at NATO Engages event. This event presented the opportunity to jointly assess today’s and future’s challenges and opportunities. World leaders such as Justin Trudeau – prime minister of Canada, Mark Rutte – prime minister of The Netherlands, and Erna Solberg – prime minister of Norway sat down to explore the needs of a changing world.

Part of the NATO Engages event was a panel discussion on the emergence of new, disruptive technologies. Our CEO, Carlos Abellan, was invited to join the discussion to assess the benefits and threads of current and future technologies such as quantum technology.

Listen to Quside participating the NATO Engages discussion (starting at minute 10:06)

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