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Quside is a member of European Quantum Flagship projects

7 de octubre de 2018
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Quside – Proud Member of European Quantum Flagship Projects


Barcelona, Spain. The European Commission has selected X projects for the 1st wave of awardees of the FET Quantum Flagship initiative. Quside is a member of two awarded projects in the Quantum communication pillar: CIVIQ and QRANGE. With leading European partners in the academic and industrial realm, we aim at supporting the integration and development of quantum and photonic technologies from lab demonstrators into commercial products.


The CIVIQ project aims at advancing the maturity of continuous-variable quantum key distribution systems, promising advantages in cloud deployment scenarios. Partners in this European Quantum Flagship project are, amongst others, Telefónica, Nokia Bell Labs, Huawei, Telekom, and Frauenhofer Insitute.


The QRANGE project aims at advancing European quantum random number generators towards industrial take-up, including standardization efforts to ensure the unique properties of quantum systems are embedded in cryptographic systems. Amongst other, partners in this project are Bosch, Université de Geneve, and KU Leuven.