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Quside is one of the winners of EUSPA’s MyEuspace Competition

Quside has been selected as the winner of the “Innovative Solutions applying quantum technologies” with the RIGOROUS project, which leverages QRNG and hardware acceleration technologies to empower randomness-intensive algorithms for route optimization.

2 de junio de 2022
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Quside’s Solution Won the Prize at EUSPA’s MyEuspace Competition

Barcelona, 2 June 2022

Participants in the category of “Dive in Quantum” are challenged to develop innovative solutions that combine the advanced capabilities of quantum technologies with space technologies, such as the resources from the Galileo and/or Copernicus satellite constellations.

Among the greetings and such, the committee praised Quside’s solution for “being capable of bringing quantum technologies from pure theory to a real-life application, showing the transformative potential of quantum solutions to society.”

For Quside, this prize is a step forward towards proving the capabilities of Quantum Technologies for delivering value as of today, showing the transformative potential of quantum solutions to society.

RIGOROUS: Quside’s solution for stochastic route optimization using Galileo and Copernicus constellations.

The RIGOROUS solution (Randomness-Intensive algorithms for near-real-time route optimization) leverages the expertise of the company in randomness acceleration to develop randomness-intensive algorithms for route optimization.

With the data recovered from the Galileo and Copernicus EU programs, the stochastic solver is exposed to the end-user through a standard API interface. In this way, any GNSS-enabled device (from aircraft carriers to unmanned vehicles, whether ground or air) can use the RIGOROUS optimizer to retrieve real-time information about their environment and be able to update their route instantly.

About EUSPA: EUSPA is the European Union’s operational agency for the Space Programme. It takes a user-oriented approach to promoting sustainable growth and improving the security of the European Union.