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Quside powers up commercialization operations with a growth plan

Today, we are thrilled and proud to announce the beginning of a stronger focus on commercial operations and product delivery.

26 de junio de 2023

A pivotal moment we have been preparing for years

We can’t wait to work with our growing base of partners and customers with a renewed and bolder vision while maintaining our uncompromised focus on quality and innovation.

For more than ten years, we have been pushing the frontiers in the research, innovation, and technology development in quantum, photonics and randomness. We have published state-of-the-art papers, filed key inventions, and developed unique products. And we have validated these products with early customers in the most demanding industrial and academic environments.

Quantum photonics: from the lab to the fab

Quside’s journey has been fueled by collaboration and strategic partnerships. We originated from academia, where our technology was nurtured and refined. We are humbled that our technology has been used in landmark scientific experiments, such as those by NIST, IQOQI, TU Delft, or ETH Zurich, as well as in unique industry initiatives, such as some from the European Space Agency (ESA) or the European Commission (EuroQCI).

We tested our products with companies that shared values and commitments to uncompromised privacy, efficiency, and performance. Together, we proved that we can build solutions in diverse industries, all underpinned by the unparalleled trust and efficiency that quantum and photonic technologies provide us for efficient and secure randomness generation and processing.

Randomness can be checked

Information is the lifeblood of our society, and random numbers are a foundation to connect and compute. And that’s the reason we have been working to deliver random numbers with unprecedented speed, scale, and quality.

But generating the finest random numbers is not enough for us. By using the fundamental properties of quantum physics, we also deliver random numbers and products whose randomness quality can be rigorously checked. Because random numbers that cannot be checked are actually not random.

We are passionate about building technology to address global challenges. We are committed to making our products scalable and widely accessible, so we can help everyone, everywhere, benefit from stronger security and more efficient computing.

We are truly proud of the successful ramp-up of our own photonic semiconductor chips, which represents a steppingstone in our journey to mass scale. We have made it small enough to solve a problem big enough.

Rebranding Quside

And for our brand-new commercialization layer, we have made a big effort to refine our value proposition and redefine our messaging.

Our R&D teams have made an incredible effort to make complex technologies incredibly simple to use. Now, we have done the same for our brand and identity: we simplified our message, refined our portfolio of products, and focused on our customers and partners.

To us, our new logo represents the last ten years of deep R&D work. The last five years of product development and customer validation. And about a million hours of passion and commitment to excellence. But to us, our new logo represents much more. When we see it, we know everything there’s behind it. The effort. The passion. The talent. And we know it is something trustworthy.

In the new phase we are embarking on, we will make sure any product showing our mark is a safe investment to make, so you can also trust it.

Quantum is available today

A month ago, we celebrated a Quside-sponsored event with key players in the industry, including technology developers, financial organizations, academics, and public institutions, among many others. We wanted to share this new transformation, and the response was outstanding. Alongside the announcement of our new operational efforts and the tease of our new brand identity, we developed a series of panels to discuss the opportunities ahead of us in the post-quantum era and compute acceleration.

We win together

We are on a mission to make high-quality, abundant, and scalable randomness available to everyone, everywhere. We are committed to enabling a new era of digital solutions that unlock unprecedented security and computational capabilities. And we want to do it with you.

We are ready to take you further, faster.

Join us and get started today.