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Quside products deployed in EY’s Quantum Resistant Network Initiative

EY and Hades led the deployment of the Quantum Resistant Network and selected Quside’s quantum randomness generation and monitoring products.

Barcelona, 21st February 2023.

Quside, a leading provider of advanced randomness solutions, is proud to announce that our products are being used in the Quantum Resistant Network, a global project led by EY and Hades. The project has been announced today and represents a global effort to provide world-class security capabilities to customers across industries, combining post-quantum hybrid cryptography and quantum random number generation.

Quside’s quantum random number generators and monitoring tools are being leveraged to provide the most advanced randomness foundation to the Quantum Resistant Network. By ensuring that the numbers generated are truly random, we are delivering a critical layer of security that is essential for safeguarding sensitive data.

Carlos Abellan, CEO and Co-founder at Quside mentioned “The transition to quantum-resistant cryptography has accelerated over the last 6 months. We’re thrilled to support EY and Hades in this leading Quantum Resistant Network initiative. By using Quside’s quantum random number generators and entropy monitoring tools, EY has deployed the most advanced randomness foundation into their offering, providing customers with world-class security capabilities”.

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To showcase the Quantum Resistant Network components, EY and Hades have created three main nodes, across three of its key office locations in Madrid, Sydney, and Washington D.C., securing both in-transit data and data-at-rest. Jose Maria Lucia Moreno, Lead Partner for Quantum Resistant and EY Madrid Wavespace:

“This prototype is the demonstration of our commitment to support EY’s and its clients in their journey to become quantum-safe. We’re increasingly consulting with our clients to identify where they use traditional encryption that will need to be upgraded, and to help them prepare for the quantum era. The chosen companies that are collaborating with EY to develop this prototype are world class leading in their specific domains”.  

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We’re excited to support EY and Hades in this leading Quantum Resistant Network initiative that combines new cryptographic protocols and quantum random number generation. By using Quside’s QRNGs and entropy monitoring tools, EY has deployed the most advanced randomness foundation into their offering, providing customers with a world-class security capability.

Aaron Crespo, from Hades, commented “We are excited to be at the forefront of the transition to quantum-resistant cryptography. By combining our expertise in innovative technologies with EY’s industry knowledge and global reach, we are able to deliver cutting-edge solutions that address the growing threat of quantum computing to data security. Together, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of security for their valuable data, both now and in the future”.

José Ramon Martínez

Carlos Abellan

Co-founder & CEO

PhD in quantum technologies at ICFO, where he developed the quantum randomness technologies that were transferred to Quside. 10 years of experience in quantum and photonics technologies, co-inventor of multiple patent families and co-author of 15+ papers in top scientific journals. Received the award MIT Innovators Under 35 Europe.

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Quside will be at the Mobile World Congress 2023, one of the largest technological events held in the world. Quside will be part of the European Quantum Space, promoted by the Quantum Flagship and ICFO. At booth 4A10 in Hall 4, Quside will share space with its eco-system quantum organizations.

Quside unveils the world's first Randomness Processing Unit

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Quside raises Series A round led by Trumpf Ventures & Bullnet Capital

Quside secures a seven-digit investment from Trumpf Ventures, the investment branch of Trumpf, a world-leading industrial manufacturer of photonic components, and Bullnet Capital, an experienced deep tech investor in Spain. The new investors will support and accelerate the next stage of growth for Quside.